Judy Chicago at the Brooklyn Museum

One of the many transformative events of the house of cyborg’s “spontaneous detour weekend” was wandering through Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Museum’s Sackler Center for Feminist Art. Judy Chicago’s “The Dinner Party” shines jewel-like in a dark triangular, mirrored, monumental, and sacred space. Kathe Kollwitz’ “war” and “death” portfolios are both haunting and peaceful, installed in a transitional space where the soft, creamy paper ages gracefully and the black woodcuts tell a story of suffering which is powerful considering the modest scale. As we move into Valerie Hegarty’s “Alternative Histories” installation combining period rooms with totally bonkers stuffed, splattered, and surreal interventions that are both intellectually deep and absurdly humorous.
Here’s to spontaneous detours!









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